Review one chapter in one post

Instead of the whole book, we will give you all information in parts from each book

Because there are so many things in a book which we can learn, so why so rush, for example, books like THINK GROW AND RICH or THE ALCHEMIST these books are adorable and each page tells you something new. So we will try to give you small trailers. Selection will be key and you are independent over there.


Thriller,Mystery,Rom-Com,Spiritual,Skill development,Action,Biography

How we choose books to sell?

We only choose books which we read, Yes your demand is a priority for us and it will be our priority forever. But still, we never sell books just through here and there.

Because we too love reading, So the books which you will get here are testified and read already.

What is the objective of your book store?

In these days everyone is watching videos and movies or Netflix etc, So for a second, you can say, What is wrong with these guys or company? Instead of selling products, tools, grocery items

Why in books? The reason is very simple, well we are balance makers. We know no one these days likes to spend much time with books, but some want to, but they don’t have the right sources. Don’t worry we will provide.

Then it is fun to go for odd things in life, to be honest, the book is like the meditation not exact obviously but when you read, the power, the energy, the environment around you changes.

But it’s matter what you read.

Your Opinions are important to us

Tell us your experience how you feel on this website, your favourite books, your experience of book reading, and for any help, any question


We don’t need followers, We need family, Thank you

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