About Us


How this idea came out ?

Well,you all know,in these days,Review sites has more business,but we also wants to provide some service initially from the first day.We always believe that service is the important aspect of any business plan.So we were thinking and then a thing pop out that we will sell books.We were agree and then One of us said that reviews are every where,why we should not choose some topics or chapters or parts. In two days post for first book had been done.

Book selection was not a big deal because person behind the scripts is a good reader. He is book-worm. But he decided to choose books which are not promotes by media so well. There are so many you will see them in library.


There are two persons who normally handles this site.

Vijay Kumar and Loveneet

Well about vijay,He lives in the Capital of country India,Yes New Delhi,A city famous for its historic events,Alot of things you will get about India if you will travel in Delhi,But its not just about Tradition and culture. Its also about street food,Night life and Shopping at cheap rates.

But Mr Vijay kumar is totally opposite from his city,cool and calm guy, When vijay last time abuse No one really knows.He origions belongs to Himachal Pradesh.He did paas out a BBA degree,but now digital marketing expert.Web submissions,S.E.O,Promotion,Email-marketing are some of his tools.His approach towards life is simple,Be a good human being first then do rest of the things.

Loveneet as he calls himself Seeker Loveneet is a guy lives everywhere,He is a writer whose origions are too belongs to Himachal Pradesh.He is expert in writing,can write anything on any subject,and also a good business person,He worked in many sales and marketing comapnies before this website. Apart from these things he is also a good in graphics,pictures and on page things on website.His approach towards life is to seek creativity,He likes to start where a story ends.By nature he can speak comtinously for two hours if he want and can be quite for six days.His approach his to serve himanity through words because his only identity is his words.

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