Being optimistic works – How ?? See this proverb


Hello friends and how are you doing ?? Today we will talk about a very practical type of proverb. It fits on today’s situations. Yeah… Probably everywhere around us. So without wasting any time lets start this. How to do optimistic works?

Optimism is good or bad

A horse was in the rain and he has no clothes. He was in trouble and away from hometown. No one was there for help. But he was optimistic and hoping for the best. He waited for three hours for the rain to be stopped. It was tough but he was optimistic. Finally, the rain stopped. Not in three hours but in five hours. But because the horse was full of optimism he survived that period.

That’s how it works. But there are some people in life who believes in bad or unreal things. Like, suppose if horse thought I will wait for 7 hours. That could be bad, very bad actually.

Does it mean it works in bad situations ??

The answer is Yes. How ?? Always remember every bad ending means something good is going to start. Now everything gonna is all right. That’s what today proverb is all about and Here it comes

Proverb is uploading



It is a British proverb. In Britain, they say “Rain before seven, fine before eleven”. Means this is a bad time but very soon we will have a good time. Nothing to worry. Do not lose hope. Yeah, the day has been started and it has been raining since morning. But nothing to worry my friend. Very soon clouds will be cleared and we will have a whole day to work.


Does not matter in how much tough situation you are ?? Things will improve. Just keep hope and faith. Be optimistic. In every situation, officially unofficially does not matter. At some degree, everyone has to follow this. It will keep us positive.

Thank you for reading.

God bless everyone.


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