How can you build your own life ?

10 ways to build your own life part 2

Introduction :

Hello friends. How are you? I hope your will is stronger than before. With your will, you can easily defeat this tough period. Just one more thing, If someone is showing you the other side of the coin, Please do not think he is not with you. When a political party or any person is criticizing the government, So some television shows that he is not an Indian. Because he is not the government. Please, guys, this is not the parameter to judge someone is Indian or not.

Yes, there are some foolish people who are disturbing the system. Who wants to spoil the country in their own ways but the criticism, it is constructive, is always good for our country. In a company, if every person will become Yes Man then the goals of the company will never be achieved. Now coming back to today’s topic, What we have in these chapters of 10 ways to build your own life part 2?


Summary :

In these three chapters the writer focus is on the more mentally work.. last chapters were about sharp your skills etc. These chapters have more mental tips and guides for us. I can guarantee one thing for Mr Birister Sharma can ba good counsellor and very natural. He goes deeper and deeper and touches the roots of the topic 97%/100. It’s true It’s damn true.

So if you are mentally weak then these chapters are a priority for you. Life is all about balance. I know people say work. Even I sometimes says these things but the real success is with the balance of the mental and practical game. So let’s see what are the key highlights which you will find in this part

Key highlights of build your own life part -2

Highlight - 1

Oh God, I have so much burden of work. This relationship is a burden for me. This world became a burden now. We often sats these things and it is very true. You will agree that we all are facing this mental war. The worst part is the person in front of you never understand it. Nobody cares, when a heart attack happens, the doctor says It is because of bad habits, diet etc.

No one says about much the tension which we create in our mind. So in these chapters, you will get to know why it is happening and what is the solution?

Highlight -2

How to focus?

Focus is the most important thing according to the writer. The harmful effect of not focusing on our priorities has been explained well. Well focusing on things are very important no doubt. Everyone says it, but how to go deeper into it in a very simple way on your own, you will read in these chapters.

Highlight -3

Learn and Repeat

A bad workman always blames his tools.

This is the fact, most of the times we blame on our environment, our society, the things which we do not have. We blame no one is there to help our bit we don’t care what we have. Most of the times we get bore from the stuff which is not good looking but effective, we can not seek entertainment in life always.

So keep learning from these books, these tips but never stop this process.

Highlight - 4

Mental toughness is must

The epic cricket test match if you have watched between India and Australia, The VVS Laxman scored 281 and Rahul Dravid scored 170 odd ( correct us if we are wrong) they both were sick. Laxman back was so bad and Rahul Dravid has a fever. They both did not practise before the match.

But they batted for one and a half-day How it happened ?? Because they were mentally fit. In this era of fitness, we go to the gym, we do a lot of things. But we forget about mental fitness.

In these chapters, although the whole book has focused on this thing these chapters will improve you mentally.

We always seek something in life which will help us always. But you will be in shock that there is a diamond you know but you rarely use it. It can be so productive and help you in sound ways. Just we have to show some value to this diamond and then we will shine like a diamond in the sky as Miss Rihana sang in a song.

So, this was for today. At last, like always we are asking you some questions and why we are doing this. Reasoning and self-testing are very important. So here is an exercise for today.

Exercise for you :

How do you work for yourself?

What is the difference between physically fit and mentally fit ??

What is the difference between burden and responsibility?


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