How self condemnation and self can hurts us ?

Power of Right believing part 2( chapters 7-14)


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How are you doing? I pray for your Wealth and Health. Eat well, Exercise, Read and Do what you want to do. Listen, everyone, learn from everybody, but be creative. Be original. Be who you are. That’s what We are missing these days. Well, today we will see what we have in the Power of Right believing part 2 Book by one and only Pastor Joseph Prince.


Receive Recieve Recieve that’s the one thing where you will leave in chapter 7 and in chapter 8 you will start with it. But in the better explanation and in the form which says GRACE in the spiritual term. means the blessing of Almighty. Now how we will get this grace and what is grace you all will start with this. Well, it is the most important part of any spiritual study, whether you are Hindu Muslim Sikh Christian. I am telling you, brother and sisters. You have to understand this term.

And the next chapters are very crucial. Why? We feel they are very practical now we are not saying to you all that previous or last chapters are not but these are all about the mind games of Satan. Or I should say the negative energies. How they trapping us day in and day out. What type of decisions we have to make. How anger, lust, greed can hurt us. In life, many people say how to do particular things. Do this do that is common. But do not are rare… Rare or should say very rare. Why ?? We don’t know certainly. But here you will find it. So according to us, these are important. Read them wisely slowly and carefully.

And Lastly, You see videos, especially the inspirational one the motivational ones. There is the most important thing for them. They say Love yourself. If you will love yourself then you will love others. Okay, fine nothing harm. But but but. Why love ourself first ?? Because… Well, answer you will find in these parts. It is important to know the deep part because we are seeing loving themselves and don’t give damn to their families and friends and relatives. I am the king and you are nothing attitude. Everything is all about balance and Friends you will find it in this book.

So, In the end, these chapters will teach us you know how to live without our Bad Egos, condemnations to others and to ourselves and how to receive his blessing, How to Make God our centre point. The journey will be from Self Conscious to God Conscious.

Key Highlights of these Chapters (7-14) – Power of The Right Believing

We are blessed with believing

We are blessed not lucky

Yes, you will learn that when you get things out of nowhere and you will shock, You says you are lucky but that is not true. You are blessed. How ?? See in this book.

Highlight - 2

Spend time with yourself

Time is important. You will see how you can invest some time on yourself. Well, it can do wonders. Joseph Prince said this indirectly here in these chapters.

Highlight - 3

Balance in love

Love yourself is an overrated thing these days and love someone without reasons is underrated. It can separate a successful businessman to a successful human being. How ?? Check it out in these chapters.

Highlight -4

Delete your Loneliness

Loneliness is something which hurt every person in these days. It is a very natural thing. Joseph Prince has given us the most simplest solution. Just choose someone who can love you unconditionally ?? Who is he ?? Who can be? Think Think …..

Exercise for you

How you delete your Loneliness ??

According to you who is spiritual ??

What is unconditional love?

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