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How to find real identity of our own ?


Hello friends and how are you doing? I hope you guys are safe and taking care of your health. Well, this series is an interesting series. This will through us in a different mind zone and space. This book is all about finding our identity. To think deeply and to think about what others don’t.

So, today in I am not I Who am I ? we will review the first three chapters of this book. This is must read the book and these chapters are so. Now without wasting any time, let’s go to the Summary of the first three chapters.

Summary :

Well, Writer without wasting any time is coming towards the point in these chapters. Who I am ?? Who I am not ?? An incident happened in his life when someone asked his identity.

Remember your intro in your college or in an interview. when you proposed a girl.when you give your first presentation. The writer tried all things but the person in front never impressed. So, seeking began.

From the logics to the facts, biology, physiology, slowly but steadily he investigated all the aspects. He then thought maybe he was wrong. Like we all do. When we fail to understand the recipe of pizza, we change the direction(some leave, but some are stubborn). Sometimes we create our own type of pizza.

So, he tried to understand Who he is not? Interesting one..isn’t it? What he found first?? What he found after ?? Will, he succeeds in this attempt, What he found at last? For these questions,

We wanna suggest two things, One is just waiting for the next part of this book on our YOUR BOOK STORE. or Just grab the link and read by yourself. Just read each day, just for two hours but read it in the right form as we mentioned in the last post.

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So now let’s see some highlights from these chapters 1-3 in I am not I Who am I book :

Human vs Human

When you will read these chapters you will have questions, not against your identity but to you. This is the beauty, the false image of you will slowly be exposed by yourself.

Logical explanation :

Believe is something which comes from inside. You see it or not does not affect your belief. But we say” we want logics” we want logics” Congratulations. You will have and logics which will shake you. It’s damn true.

Simple things: The well beginning is very simple which we feel. The very simply he asked question in his self-identification. But the fact is when you will read you will complicate them. That’s human nature brothers. We all do.

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Hidden inside flesh :

There are so many secrets inside the flesh. Beyond flesh. Has covered by flesh. We are happy that you will uncover them with this book.

Who I am Not: We can’t say or reveal that you will get to your origin and get to know who you are. But one thing is for sure, you will find who you aren’t.

So that’s it in today journey.

Read, Read, Read Then

Thank you and Have a good time mate.


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