How to overcome from the dark ways in your own life ?

10 ways to build your life part – 3

Introduction: Hello friends. How are you, I hope everyone is going well. So, we are in dark times right now and everyone is looking for solutions. There are so many resources for us in this era of digital marketing

The dark ways are the most challenging in our life but to be honest the things which you learn from this time, you will never forget. Today we will look after what we have in the
last part of the book 10 ways to build your own life, So let’s start :


Well in the last three chapters you will get to know about the most crucial and the key things for your life. You will read things which are very common and happens to us in daily life, even after every single half an hour you see these things. In these chapters which are the last chapters of the book, the writer main focus is how we should move in our life. How we should cover the distance towards our goal and it is so important because as we all know

The destination will also depend upon how you covered the road. It will depend upon which road you select and how you walk on the road. If someone is struggling he or she thinks its a very hard thing or God is cruel. No No Not at all my mate. It is the part of everyone life and When we say everyone It means everyone. From the Legends to a Person who is a future legend. Everyone will face this.

So if you want to know how to select things or about selection, how to overcome from the dark ways and if you want to know how much value you are. Please go ahead and read this book and these chapters because this is the simplest way to learn these things. Now we will focus on to our next segment, the segment where we will highlight some major things in this book

Key highlights of 10 ways to build your life part – 3

Highlight - 1

Choose wisely in your life

We all know how crucial and important is selection in our life and in our daily life we do mistakes in this area. Whether it is your good time or bad time, please select honestly and wisely. Today’s selection about a various thing will decide your future, whether it’s your food, work, the partner just select wisely that is what the writer wants to say here is one of these chapters.

Highlight - 2

Seek light in the darkness

There will be dark ways and where there is darkness, there will be light. Its mean darkness can help you a lot if you will use it for the positive way, So whenever you are in trouble just concentrate on one thing at a time and seek just one solution. One solution sometimes helps in the number of problems.

Highlight -3

The solution is what you need

Like in the above point, here in this book apart from light the ultimate point of the author is when you are in trouble, what is the position of your mind? Are you a person who will call his/ her friend and then speak what happened with you in the nonsense manner or you will call a friend who will guide you? The more you speak positively you will be more solution-oriented person.

Highlight - 4

When you can learn?

Which is the best time to learn things? A boy was in the home and he wants to learn cooking, but he became good at this when his mother went for a holiday trip and he was alone at home. got it Right! You can not learn when everything is ok. Yes, you can try to learn but you will learn when you will struggle somewhere. So instead of screaming try to learn.

Highlight - 5

You are most important for you

In the dark ways, we always condemn us, we also use pins to hurt us and we always make these small hurting pins in various ways. Sometimes by judging or by you know just search our negativity or seek how bad this situation is. The last chapter writer will show you again how much value you are. So please respect your self. Why? Just read these chapters and you will find out.

That was it for today.

Well, we are so thankful for your support and feels honour. Just keep supporting us and we will keep our graceful work.

Thank you and live well.

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