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How to read I am not I Who am I ?


Hello friends and how are you doing ?? We hope your health is good and you are safe at your home. Today we are starting a new book. Its name is I am not I Who Am I? This book is interesting and highly appreciated by the readers. This book has 10 chapters and then extra stuff for you.

What is the concept of this book ??

This book is all about self-discovery. Self-identity is the major thing these days. You will see yourself and your surrounding from a different angle when you will read this book.

About author

First of all, we wanna request to all the writers please describe yourself well in your books. All writers define the background stories, from where their story began but no personal details.

Well, it’s a real story of an author who self discover himself. A single question changed his life and his attitude toward life. His name is Ravi and he was well successful in his business. He earned a lot. But he found everything just meaningless at one stage of his life. And from that stage whole story and this book starts.

How to read this book?

Well, how one should attempt to read this book ?? Well, it will be complicated. The points are very spiritual but are defined in a scientific way more than the spiritual way. But one thing is that what he wanted to define, he defined it well. Let we see how one should read

I am not I Who am I


You will rediscover yourself. So if you want to find your real identity. You want to know the roots of your life. You want to know why you are here. What will be your identity, the identity which will last forever? This book is best for these type of readers. You will find yourself on a different planet.

The ego is fair or not ??

Many of us keep ego. It is good or not ?? Everyone wants to know this. So, read this book as a reader who wanna know the role of ego in our lives and is it necessary or not.

Not a teaching book

Yes when we completed this book, we observe that this is more kind of a journey of a person. Yes, you can learn a lot. But you can learn from anywhere. This book will not guide you directly. But definitely there will be a lot of questions, some answers are in the book and some are not.

Read as an Individual

Read this book for yourself. This book is best for those who want to improve themselves. But we can’t put all the points neutrally and the reason is very simple. Everything never works for everyone.

One time book

You can read this book in 4-5 days. There are only 100 pages and its I more story. Everything in this book has been already mentioned by so many authors. But the interesting thing is

You will get to know what happens when someone practically does those things with himself. More practical reasons you will get for sure.

Thank you

Have a good time

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