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How to read the book 10 ways to build your own life?

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10 ways to build your own life

Introduction :

Hello friends. How are you? I pray to God for your health and happiness. May God bless your family and your surrounding. Receive his grace. Grace is the ultimate solution. As they say in Espanol “ULTIMO COSA”

Today, we will discuss the book “,10 ways to build your own life” It has been written by Birister Sharma. The agenda of the book is how a person can build everything in life by himself. It is a skill development book. As always We will show you this book in the three parts. So let we start this journey of self-development.

About the author :

There are not many things on Google about Birister Sharma. He is from Diphu/New Delhi India. But the books which he has written so far tells us that he is a person who has believed in self-awakening. Self-awakening is the most crucial thing in our life. We often underrate it. By profession, he is freelancer author, Has degrees in journalism, mass communication.

Why we choose this book?

You know everyone is a leader in these days. The positivity is at its peak. Everyone doesn’t want to be a leader they believe they are. They influence people, they earn, When they earn, from the parameter of money, they think Now they are True leader.

Is it really simple to be a leader? Is this all about if you have guys who work for you then you become a leader

My mother taught me once, Do not think ever you are chef even you are cooking for your friends so much these days.

Did I ask why?

She replied – Because skills of cooking make you chef, not your dishes.

Same goes in leadership, you have to work on your self. Every day, you have to seek out problems and find a solution. This book is all about Self Development, Self-learning. It is all about your life. How you can build a life by yourself.

The author has indirectly asked You teaches a lot of things in public, Will you know half of them??

That’s why we choose this book. Because it will work for you, it has no inspirational stories, Just you and your life. So if you want to know how to improve your skills, which qualities you need to improve. What are the important aspects of this life? Title says

10 ways to build your own life. But honestly, if you will read, there are many.

How to read this book :

Self dependent person

Well, management study tells us so many things but there is one bad thing about it or We should say we understand it in other forms. We have a habit to work with others and very often we get dependent on it. not many times but somewhere you will be alone, then what will happen?? So read this book if you have willing to do something by your self.

Keep learning

There are so many things which you know already. But you don’t know how to do those things. It happens to us often. We read something once, and we think we know it very well. But another side of the picture will be always different. So be a good student while reading this book, otherwise, it will bore you and you will lose the chance of Knowing your self. To turn things on your own.

Choose wisely

Be honest with yourself. You do not have to do all things at once. Not in this book in anything .you are learning, It’s not necessary to do all the stuff. Just choose wisely what is effective for you not what is effective for others. After all, the concept of the book is the same. What you can do on your own, for it you have to see things on your own eyes.

Take your time

The big mistake which every youngster do in life is they want to eat the whole cake at once, like the previous point we mentioned, this is the more bad approach toward any book they read. Especially in skill development, this can be a disaster for you. So don’t be harsh with yourself, work for one skill at a time. No matter how much time you are taking. Take your time. You have a whole life. Rome was not built in a day.

See what you want to see

Yes, it is all about skill development but there are other things also. Life is all about balance. Not just skills. The whole life contains so many things and you will see so many things relates to your skills, psychology, practically.

If you want yo see things from your eyes. If you want to know your worth. Your value in this universe. The difference between your thoughts and the thoughts of the world. Grab this book

So Right approach towards things means you will understand what real meaning behind the thing really is. That is what understanding is all about.

Exercise for you

In which skill you want to improve

What is the best skill you have

What is important skill or spirituality?


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