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Friends. How are you doing and how are you spending your time in lockdown. I hope everyone is doing great. So, in this era of viruses and nature’s weird or dangerous face, we have to take care or need to read our health. And the biggest problem in this subject of health is that everyone is a doctor.

Well, without the knowledge and exact information, we can not do anything about it. So, from today we will give you a summary of the book ” Eat Green and Get Lean” book in the three parts as you know, that is how we believe to deliver information.

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The book has been written by Michael Mathew

About the Author

The author has spent the decade in fitness and he has written so many books. Eat green and Get Lean is one of the books of him. He is running so many fitness programs on various digital platforms, you can get these programs on Instagram, on his website where he is CEO and founder. We will give full detail right below in this post.

Summary To Read:

Well, today we will look after this book overall what we will have in totality and with which approach we should read this book. Well, its name is Eat green and Get lean and this book is not a book of self-motivation or the about right and wrong type of foods, this book is for us is like a book full of nutritional knowledge about food.

This book is about the playground and not about the dressing and here you will play not you will think about how to play. Its more practical and it contains so many recipes.

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For a second you may think that I am reading a book of an athlete or a hotel manager but that is what dedication. He has cut short all this stuff in a book just for you guys and the most important thing is

It contains vegetarian food and recipes and a lot of guys or girls want to become vegan but they do not know how to? As an Indian we as a company were when reading this book, we were in shock that how a US company or website’s founder can be so accurate in this thing.

So it is the overall collection of recipes from day to night and in a vegetarian form. We will discuss them in the later part but today we will.look after the more important aspects if you are deciding to read this book or if you are reading.

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How to read it

How to read Eat Green and Get Lean

  1. First of all, keep in mind, this is not a book about how to build a body and how to perform the particular exercise no but it is about the most important thing the diet. So, it is for those who really know the 60% is all about diet.
  2. In these days everyone wants to be vegan but no one really knows, the vegan food is very healthy and has so many varieties but only the world does not have awareness. So, this book will aware you about various things if you want to become a vegan.
  3. Well, this is not for just the bodybuilder and for the persons who love to be a vegan. This for the food lovers also. You will not believe us this book does not book. This is something like a restaurant, like a vegetarian buffet with varieties of dishes.
  4. Apart from dishes are some useful thesis also so please read this book like a student and make some notes. Today’s notes will help you in the future.
  5. Please be consistent please do not hurry and do not give up. Choose one thing at a time and do it with consistency. So read this book with a consistent pace.

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