Last chapters are more productive- I am not I Who am I ?


Hello friends and how are you doing ?? Today we are ending the book I am not I Who am I ?? Till this day we give you a review about the first six chapters out of ten. A journey of a well successful person who seeking his identity. He seeks himself not the outside world. He seeks every single aspect of us. Finally, he got him or not ?? Today we will tell you how to be productive.

So what we have today

  1. Summary of the end part of the book
  2. Our views


In the last chapters, the writer realises he is not who he was thinking before. The outer part is not who he is. He is something else and in a cage type of thing. He should fly and he should remove barriers from inside. Finally got this realisation that the more he will try to prove someone something about him, he will think. It will be a curse. He was living in a cursed life. But now he knows he is just a tiny part of the universe. Inside him, he is, outside part is waste. That is what he wrote. His goal is not materialistic but something else. What exact this mean ?? Well, you have to grab the book.

Our views

Well, the last chapters are more productive than the middle ones. Yes, fundamentals are the same but he has explained from different angles. The best chapter is the about or real goal. He is totally right. We always seek our real goals. We think this money and passion and name or fame should be the goal. Read the book and you will get to know what it should be ??

The only thing we feel it go against our body. Everyone tries to explain spiritual points of importance. No problem. But saying in a way which tells reader body is nothing. Well as a team we think everything in this world has value. Its all.aboit how we use ?? Right ??

Well, that’s it for today. We are trying some new things daily. Just give us feedback. Your opinion is most important.

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