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Proverb which teach us about Self respect

Hello friends and how are you doing? We hope everyone is doing good and great in their lives. Today once again we are with you and giving you another proverb. This proverb has a direct connection with our self – respect.

Self-respect is important because?

It is very simple if you can’t respect yourself how others will respect you. Now, people may think to respect ourselves means singing I songs. It means make value for your things. Your work and your family and goals everything. If we will not respect our work. Others will never ever.

That is what today proverb says.

Today’s proverb

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A constant guest is never welcome

Suppose you have a friend. You are calling him daily. Slowly and slowly you both become great friends. Every time you have time you are calling him. What will happen that your routine will decrease your self-respect? He will think that you have all time to call him. You are free.

Even you are leaving your work for him. Does not matter, he will.think that you have all-time in the universe. You are always available.

Same goes in other circumstances. Like you are going to the same place again and again and again. So, there is a thin line. You don’t have to cross that thin line.


In the end

We have to understand that every single thing in this universe has its own value. From a small aunt to the elephant. So, we have also. Just the matter of the difference is we have to understand ourself. Don’t waste your time with others. Work on yourself. There are a lot of things to do in a single day.

Only thing is how much you value yourself and love your self. How much you surrender yourself towards your passion.

Don’t be the constant guest

Give only guest appearance.


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