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This proverb will tell us how to forgive?


Hello friends and how are you doing? We hope everyone is doing good and well. All are enjoying Sunday well ?? Silly question probably because every day is like Sunday in these days. Well on today at Your Book Store we will see the proverb which is best for us in the forgiveness or How to forgive someone.

What they say is

If you do something wrong, do not blame yourself. Yes, forgive your self. There are a story and a question

A boy was jealous of his friend. Maybe because he wanted to be best but the other one was superior to him. One day he did something. They were working together and one day he just cut his whole contact. The other guy who was working with him had no money because everything was under his control(friendship need no contracts as they say). After some time he felt bad. But guess what?

He opened the internet, watched a video and forgive him. He thought he did not do. That was the bad side of him. But he never ever imagined what happened to the guy who suffered. That is forgiveness ??

The second type of forgiveness

Now how to forgive others. Just say some lines and then try to convince him that you now forgive him totally. You have no grudges. Nothing. But inside your heart is so much heavy. You wanna say something. But no-no-no. It will affect your spiritual face, so you will forgive him. Is this real forgiveness ??

What this proverb really tell us?

This proverb tells us about the forgotten thing and becomes wise in life. It means we have to forget that situation also if we wanna forgive. That is real forgiveness. Let’s see in the proverb

How to forgive and forget


So one should understand the importance of forgetting. If you will not forget the situation. The situation will not change even you does not matter how many times say

I forgive you

You forgive me

Thank you and have a nice evening ahead.

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What is the importance of side meal in diet plans ?

Hello friends and how are you doing. Today is the last post for this book and really it was a hell of the learning experience. The things which we have learnt so far are priceless. We now thank you for this book can prepare our meals, if we are vegans. In India, there is a tough thing to be in a vegan form while building physic. But I can guarantee this book if you will read can solve many problems. So without wasting any time lets move into the last four chapters of in this book. Why the side meal is important for us?

Cooking is an art
Cooking is an art

Summary :

Eat green and Get lean part – 3


Well, what is the biggest problem we are facing or someone can face when he or she is new in the world of fitness and meal plans? The answer is sides, protein meals and cheats meals. It is hard for someone to find these three things and it is very normal. We normally eat three times right, but in the era of health or fitness. Everyone has to break down their meals and then meals converts into six.

Then the second fourth and pre or post meals become a complicated thing. We think basically because of knowledge. Then the biggest threat or the culprit thing in these days the fitness world is shakes or protein Why?

Because people have made the business and man it is not just a business. If you do not have a love for health, you should not trade or work in the market of health or fitness. Sorry, we are not against but that is our opinion. If our writing team will not have a love for writing content, they will not write real, they will write what is good for money or views.

So shakes market confuse beginners and then comes the cheat food. We don’t support cheat food if you want to get fit, do not cheat but still, people add cheat foods in their diet plans.

Love your food
Love your food

Now, what is the solution to these things? These chapters can be a solution for yours. You will get the sides, snacks, deserts in the variety. It is like you are in your hotel or restaurant. But yeah you have to cook. But this is nice and good. You know you will never forget those things which you do by yourself and the same you will never forget what you will cook.

You do not have to depend on anyone. Now for the last time let us see the key highlights of these chapters.

Key highlights :

A new side of sides: There is a lot of variety and when we saying variety man you will really find some new meals and dishes for your side meals. These sides are easy to cook and writer have given each and every information which we need.

Veg is not difficult any more :

many people think that veg meals take too much time and you have to wait for hours to cook a veg meal. Well, it is a myth and when you will read these chapters or this whole book. You will get to know the veg meals are so easy to cook and of course eat also.

No more repetition:

Yes now because of this book you have so much variety so you do not have to worry about the same shakes, same sides. Every day you will get up and you will have something new if you want. Like we always said before choice will be always yours.

Eat and Cook
Cook and Eat

No more street foods:

Why we eat street foods because they are very tasty. They are delicious and yummy to eat. You never get bored. So, what we have in this book is the same thing but these are the healthy ones. The writer has taken care of your taste also. Even we can say it is natural because veg food has variety in taste. But this book and these chapters especially when you will read protein shakes you will get so much tasty and healthy meal food.

So when you have taste in your health food, in your kitchen. why you will go to the street for taste ??

Deserts :

Some health experts say cheat food is necessary while following diet plans. Whether you are gaining or losing, it works on your psychology. So, deserts are there in the last of the book, so if you want to cheat you can use one of the dishes.

But always remember cheat is bad anywhere and why cheat foods are in the last chapters. There has to be some reason and the reason is same,

It is not necessary to cheat with your meal plans. Push yourself as hard as you can.

That is for today

See you guys with a new book which will help us to grow in our life.

Thank you take care of your health and do not forget wealth.


Daily Proverbs

Who is wise ?


Hello friends and how are you doing ?? We pray to god for your health and for your wealth. God bless you and cover your protect you. Today yet again we are back with a new proverb. Who is wise?

As the title has told you already the proverb is all about the one of the major feature of the wise people. With easily you can guess that person’s wiseness is at which level. Are you wanna know ?? Here you go then

A Cold hand and a warm heat

Meaning of Wise

The meaning of this proverb is so deep. Let us take an example.

There is a person who is so much intelligent. He from the starting want to do everything. Grabbing ideas from others is his favourite thing. Right now if that kind of person is reading this blog, he may think this is about him. But here he is wrong. He may have everything but if he will use tricks instead of os trade. He has already lost the battle.

That is what our proverb is saying to us, being practical is a good thing. But if you have not a good heart. You are always doing things in the wrong way. You will rise for sometimes. Chances are minor.

Good heart means what ??

It’s not about helping others, join NGO but the first thing is all about you. You have to be honest with you. Loyal with you. Everyone in this era is working smart and hard. All have money or will have one. No one is less famous. So what people need ??

A millionaire or billionaire.

Millions of dollar can’t create a good human, but a Good human can create millions of dollars.

So one should have a good heart and practical nature. No one can be perfect but we can try. That’s what is in our hands.

Thank you for reading.

Read daily and Gain daily


Blog Eat Green Get Lean

Which is the best diet plan for vegan part -1

Eat Green and Get Lean part – 2 (diet plans)


Hello friends and how are you doing. Today we will see chapter four five and six of the book Eat Green and Get Lean. From here the cooking classes for your health has been started, So without wasting any time, Let’s go into the book and see what diet plans are there?

Food Food Food! But Healthy Food


Well, as he mentioned in the first three chapters the diet plans are key in any bodybuilding, muscle-building program, fat loose program. In these chapters, you will get no. of recipes with some guidance. Really guys in any workout plan or health plan cooking are the key. If you can cook well, you can save money and sometimes also.

Diet matters
Health matters

You will basically find some healthy diet plans and entrees in these chapters. Have you ever heard

Breakfast like a king, Lunch like a lesser and Dinner like a beggar. But we often get confused for so many times and the hardest thing which we miss is varieties but not any more, The writer has given each and every item and you know what is the best part?

Your health plan will never get disturbed. So guys if you have any problem regarding the breakfast and entree please grab this book and these chapters will help you a lot.

And Now let’s move on to our next segment which is


The key highlights of the Eat Green and Get Lean part – 2

Choose wisely
Choose wisely

Chapters 4,5,6 :

  • The best part is the entrees. I mean we have seen so many videos or health but no one really has mentioned entrees(meal before the main course) like the way he has done here. Well, these small foods play a major role because these foods keep your body need full. There are so many items in this book in the entrees and you are going to love it for sure, So grab and read.
  • We know breakfast is important and sometimes it can be your target to get up early and eat the best breakfast. You know many persons do this,
  • They say to themselves like I have to get up early and burn my calories and then I will have my best meal of the day. The breakfast is key and you will be glad to know that there is so much variety of breakfast here.
  • The cooking recipes are very simple and easy to cook, So We do not know about everything but for some reasons healthy eaters are a part-time chef in their family or the family treats them tasteless curry, but here you can impress your family and friends by cooking such delicious things which are healthy too.
  • Well, the myth is cut off by the writer and he explained how by the eggless breakfast, you can get muscles. Many think if you are vegan you will not have hard muscles, not true.
  • Last but most important thing is just guys choose wisely like we said before many times do not go for all-out attack and keep patience. Bodybuilding is not miracles, So have a chill and just do it like a smoothy desert.

Thank you and have a nice time to all of you, Please eat healthily follow diet plans and do exercise.


Daily Proverbs

Which proverb shows us our role on this planet ?

Proverb on our character



and how are you doing? We hope everyone is doing good in their life. Well, today’s proverb is in life. Life is very interesting if we will try to understand it. These days we complicate it so much. But it is not very much complicated.

So today proverb is

on the role of your this planet.

Many say Food, cloth and Shelter these are the main requirements of a person. Agree. Spot on. But it doesn’t mean only for these things we are here. These are our needs but our goals, long term goals can’t be our needs.

Yes, this is fuel for us as money. But earning money is can’t be your goal as well. In the movie, every role is different and so is in life. So, how people can say We are satisfied because we have today’s meal.

Then we say oh God he has Ferrari why ?? Because he is lucky. No, he identifies his role his destiny and somehow he is trying to complete it. We all have Omens. But we all always ignore them.

Or we don’t have enough support and in the fear of losing, in the fear of tough life, we ignore. The hard battles need one thing, the courage, courage to live out of comfort zone. And yes it is a tough thing but it is not impossible. Nothing is easy in life and nothing is impossible.

So my dear friends first read this proverb

Proverb is loading
Grab your destiny with your creator mate

So you have been sent here for some purpose. Yes, What is your purpose ??

Who are you? Why you are here? What is one thing you are master in? Which thing makes you happy when you do it?

Have you ever asked these questions to yourself? If not then ask .please ask

That is it for today. Find yourself and seek yourself, inside you not outside.

Thank you for reading.