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Who will walk on the practical path? Alchemist Part -2

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Who will walk on the practical path?

Hello friends! Buenos! How are you doing? I hope everyone is doing well. I pray to god for your success and for your good health.

Today will see what we have in the second part of the book “The Alchemist’.


Well, this is the most interesting part of the book. It is the part where you will learn a lot of things. You will learn a clear difference between the real-life and the life of dreams. The boy who is in the walking on the path and searching his treasure will lose hope as everyone does. But every time you will see he someone kick him up. You will find some other characters too. You will get familiar with them like a boy.

Faith is important

Especially this part is best for the people who are on a mission. You will relate your life with his journey in The Alchemist part -2. But where life will lead him? How he will get such courage to take such rock-solid decisions? Will he get the meaning of life or he has to keep more patience.?  Read all in the book and please do not forget to tell us how you feel about this part.

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Key highlights of The Alchemist part- 2

Reality check of life: Many of the times in our life, we sees so many things in our dreams. We do everything for them. We make a plan, research, reasoning etc. But when we come to the particular day, We see a difference. A difference between the practical path and the path of dreams. You will get the same thing here in this chapter.

There must be a language that doesn’t depend on words: You will slowly and steadily are going at a different level with this book. Now this line is all about the universal language and What is it ?? Well, mate, you have to walk on the practical path in life and read this book.

Making a decision was only the beginning of things: Yeah! It happens with the boy also. I am sure many times in life you feel this. You felt this before too. That situation in life sucks but that’s the beauty of life,

It is easy to make decisions

It needs guts to work on them.

Arabic culture: In the last part you had some things from the Spanish culture, their sheep and their lifestyle. In this part, you will get ko to know about Arabs. Desert stories will be there with spiritual lessons. We sometimes forget the role of nature in life, we observe more materials than the world. You will feel in this part while reading.

The boy has met the alchemist: yes. What is the mean of this line? We are not saying the boy is not An alchemist. But yes this incidence is a very interesting one. So please read this part without any distraction. And remember

Everything is “Maktub”

Action is important

Things to learn from The Alchemist part -2 :

  1. Maktub
  2. What can be the path of our dreams
  3. What is the role of A man in his own dreams
  4. The unconditional love

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How to read The Alchemist – A epic Book?

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Hello friends, How are you doing. I pray to God for your success and health.

As you know(if you have visited our homepage), here we sell books and we don’t just sell. We provide you with all information you need and sources. Before going towards to read “The Alchemist”, Because everyone will not come here with the experience of book reading, New fellows need some inspiration and tips towards books and towards anything in life, Our attitude(means how you approach towards a particular thing) plays an important role)


Attitude is everythingOnly our attitude decides whether coffee is good for health or not.sometimes it works and sometimes not. Well, that is life.




So here are some of our tips which will help you if you choose this book to read for yourself.

1. Is it a skill development book?

Many times our approach towards things makes us confused. Sometimes we take things in a different manner and in reality, things behave differently, Well yea you can learn many things, many personal development traits from this book, but this book is more about “Live life, King Size”. Means its more about what is life than the what important materials are in life, It will touch your soul, your spirit than your eyes or other external parts. More interior one than the exterior one.

2. Is it a thriller?

Yes, it is, when you will reach second part midway, your eyes will get tired but your curiosity will be at another level. It is a slow thriller. It will move at a very slow pace. Like, they say “Slow and Steady Wins the race”.

3. The real-life story isn’t it?

Haha! Yeah, it is understandable so, it seems like for some new readers not much but they debate on this topic. Some of our friends too that it is a real story but its not true. well yeah, Writer Paulo Coelho went to Egypt, For its fantasy to saw Egypt and he got inspired by some fairy tales that’s what we know, Tell us more if someone reading this now if you have better knowledge about it. Remember your opinion is most important.

4. Patience is important here

In this book, you will not reach your destiny very easily. You will like the character of the book, you are also moving towards forward in life, You are going somewhere, this is one of the biggest points of this book, The Alchemist In these days like you are watching a web series what you feel, Same goes here, even you feel much greater than web series or episodes(because I love books than videos or movies or series, so it may be my personal opinion, forgive me, if I am wrong). But one thing may cause the problem if you have no patience then don’t read it, its the long and a book which will test your patience a lot.

5. Choose it wisely

Well, there are so many copies on the google really. One of them contains only 53 pages, for them, I just want to say yes money is important, but not then your roots. For the human sake stop these cruel things, It makes the life of digital marketing persons much harder and you are leaving a very bad mark on the readers and your visitors. Remember Only memories here are forever, Souls will come and Go. So choose a good and fare source guys. We will provide you, Do not worry, At the end of this series of posts, You will get the link of the “Real” book.

Yes we need them

Tips about Reading any book

Use some pleasant music to cut out the initial negativity. Mark some important words.Set timer at least for 30 minutes

Also, you should know The Alchemist was first written in Portuguese.

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