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Which is the right proverb for merits ?

Proverb for the importance of merits


Hello friends and Buenos. How are you all doing, For today we are again here with an awesome proverb and it is so practical right? In daily life, we can say it happens a lot with us. Let we tell you all a very small story which is real:

Small Story

A boy named Charlie was in love with a girl but the girl was rich and had a crush on black guys always. In the school or in the college canteen the girl always walks alongside with the black or negro guys and the heart of charlie hurt a lot.

On the other hand, maybe she was right and she chases the right guy for her because really the black guy is so strong and tall. But alongside, it, the racism which he had in the class was also a problem. So he thought a lot about it.

Charlie was not so rich person but an intelligent boy. He sold his stuff and bought some exercise equipment and some stuff he made in his house. He decided to challenge his crush boyfriend Lio on the next month in a boxing match and he did not go to college. He decided not to go to college until he will not be prepared for a fight.

The day came and the whole college was surprised by the physic of charlie but still, the guy was so strong and then professional. But when the match was over, charlie passed out from a submission but never lost. The lio praised and said he had one of the toughest fights in last years and gave his momento to charlie, the girl was also seeing this whole thing and then charlie said :

Merits are......
Merits matter, not colour

A black hen lays white eggs.

Does not matter what colour you have Merits are important, if you have merits, you will have effectiveness and one-day people will recognise you.

So go after towards merits, not colours.

Thank you

Have a nice day.

Blog Power of Right Believing

What is power of right believing? The journey begins

Hello friends

Power of Right Believing – Part One (1-7)

Introduction :

Hello friends, how are you? I hope everyone is safe and fit. Enjoying every part of our life is very important. whether it’s challenging one or blessed one. From today to next three days we are seeing what we have in the book “The Power of Right Believing”. It has 21 chapters. And Joseph prince has divided them into 7 parts. So, we will try to summarize these chapters in three parts. Today we are going to start our first part. So without any delay.let, this holy thing begins:

Thank you God

Summary: Chapter 1-7

Firstly, you have to read our previous post where we have mentioned some things which are necessary before we will read this book. Well from the beginning The Author Pastor Joseph Prince has shown you his journey towards God. This is a very beautiful story to read really. He has explained everything very genuine and in a very real way.

When you will start reading, you will meet with so many things which will for you are familiar. For example, believe… What is believe? We have seen so many videos, so many articles are there in the market. But what is real believe? He has explained it in a very simple manner. In these chapters, you will be on the journey which will make you wise from inside and outside.

There will be moments when the self-doubts will create, your own Ego will say you what are you reading but do not stop and continue it. The Love of God towards us is well explained by the author.

The best part is you will go step by step like how to believe.. how God sees you, is God really loves you, how God loves you, and The best one is Forgiveness. The thing which we are lacking a lot these days.

Overall the first seven chapters are the basis of believing, The right direction which we always seek, the real path of holiness without letting down your family and your expectations. All you will find here.

Key Highlights of part one

Right Believing to Right Living: In life, we often live how we believe, Yes its true, but on which things we should believe well you will find in these chapters.

Relationship with God: We cares about so many relations in our life, have you ever think How your relationship with God is? How it should be? After completing this particular teaching in this part, the relationship will take a new form. New seed will be in your heart for sure

The root of forgiveness: We are hearing from our childhood, forgive them. Forgive who hurt you, betray you but none they gave us the right reason. Even we have reasons but the roots are missing. The one reason you will get in chapter seven will delete this confusion in forgiveness.

Real Testimonies: joseph prince has given so many live examples in this book. They are not fake and you can contact them. You may think about why we are saying this ?? Because the miracles when you will read this book will give you shock and will raise these things in your mind.

We are lucky? : Yes, we are lucky no we are not lucky. That person has luck. I have no luck. These types of things run in everyone’s mind. Joseph Prince has explained this luck chapter but The term luck has been transformed into the……. Oops! We can’t, Sorry you have to grab the book and read by yourself.

Help me in Believe , Help me in wisdom


Exercise for you

What is faith?

Self-love or God love?

Which is your favourite spiritual book?

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Alchemist Blog

Who will walk on the practical path? Alchemist Part -2

Welcome you

Who will walk on the practical path?

Hello friends! Buenos! How are you doing? I hope everyone is doing well. I pray to god for your success and for your good health.

Today will see what we have in the second part of the book “The Alchemist’.


Well, this is the most interesting part of the book. It is the part where you will learn a lot of things. You will learn a clear difference between the real-life and the life of dreams. The boy who is in the walking on the path and searching his treasure will lose hope as everyone does. But every time you will see he someone kick him up. You will find some other characters too. You will get familiar with them like a boy.

Faith is important

Especially this part is best for the people who are on a mission. You will relate your life with his journey in The Alchemist part -2. But where life will lead him? How he will get such courage to take such rock-solid decisions? Will he get the meaning of life or he has to keep more patience.?  Read all in the book and please do not forget to tell us how you feel about this part.

Best quote

Key highlights of The Alchemist part- 2

Reality check of life: Many of the times in our life, we sees so many things in our dreams. We do everything for them. We make a plan, research, reasoning etc. But when we come to the particular day, We see a difference. A difference between the practical path and the path of dreams. You will get the same thing here in this chapter.

There must be a language that doesn’t depend on words: You will slowly and steadily are going at a different level with this book. Now this line is all about the universal language and What is it ?? Well, mate, you have to walk on the practical path in life and read this book.

Making a decision was only the beginning of things: Yeah! It happens with the boy also. I am sure many times in life you feel this. You felt this before too. That situation in life sucks but that’s the beauty of life,

It is easy to make decisions

It needs guts to work on them.

Arabic culture: In the last part you had some things from the Spanish culture, their sheep and their lifestyle. In this part, you will get ko to know about Arabs. Desert stories will be there with spiritual lessons. We sometimes forget the role of nature in life, we observe more materials than the world. You will feel in this part while reading.

The boy has met the alchemist: yes. What is the mean of this line? We are not saying the boy is not An alchemist. But yes this incidence is a very interesting one. So please read this part without any distraction. And remember

Everything is “Maktub”

Action is important

Things to learn from The Alchemist part -2 :

  1. Maktub
  2. What can be the path of our dreams
  3. What is the role of A man in his own dreams
  4. The unconditional love

Show your Love for this Legend

Alchemist Blog

How to read The Alchemist – A epic Book?

We welcome you

Hello friends, How are you doing. I pray to God for your success and health.

As you know(if you have visited our homepage), here we sell books and we don’t just sell. We provide you with all information you need and sources. Before going towards to read “The Alchemist”, Because everyone will not come here with the experience of book reading, New fellows need some inspiration and tips towards books and towards anything in life, Our attitude(means how you approach towards a particular thing) plays an important role)


Attitude is everythingOnly our attitude decides whether coffee is good for health or not.sometimes it works and sometimes not. Well, that is life.




So here are some of our tips which will help you if you choose this book to read for yourself.

1. Is it a skill development book?

Many times our approach towards things makes us confused. Sometimes we take things in a different manner and in reality, things behave differently, Well yea you can learn many things, many personal development traits from this book, but this book is more about “Live life, King Size”. Means its more about what is life than the what important materials are in life, It will touch your soul, your spirit than your eyes or other external parts. More interior one than the exterior one.

2. Is it a thriller?

Yes, it is, when you will reach second part midway, your eyes will get tired but your curiosity will be at another level. It is a slow thriller. It will move at a very slow pace. Like, they say “Slow and Steady Wins the race”.

3. The real-life story isn’t it?

Haha! Yeah, it is understandable so, it seems like for some new readers not much but they debate on this topic. Some of our friends too that it is a real story but its not true. well yeah, Writer Paulo Coelho went to Egypt, For its fantasy to saw Egypt and he got inspired by some fairy tales that’s what we know, Tell us more if someone reading this now if you have better knowledge about it. Remember your opinion is most important.

4. Patience is important here

In this book, you will not reach your destiny very easily. You will like the character of the book, you are also moving towards forward in life, You are going somewhere, this is one of the biggest points of this book, The Alchemist In these days like you are watching a web series what you feel, Same goes here, even you feel much greater than web series or episodes(because I love books than videos or movies or series, so it may be my personal opinion, forgive me, if I am wrong). But one thing may cause the problem if you have no patience then don’t read it, its the long and a book which will test your patience a lot.

5. Choose it wisely

Well, there are so many copies on the google really. One of them contains only 53 pages, for them, I just want to say yes money is important, but not then your roots. For the human sake stop these cruel things, It makes the life of digital marketing persons much harder and you are leaving a very bad mark on the readers and your visitors. Remember Only memories here are forever, Souls will come and Go. So choose a good and fare source guys. We will provide you, Do not worry, At the end of this series of posts, You will get the link of the “Real” book.

Yes we need them

Tips about Reading any book

Use some pleasant music to cut out the initial negativity. Mark some important words.Set timer at least for 30 minutes

Also, you should know The Alchemist was first written in Portuguese.

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Enjoy facts about your favourite icons


Alchemist Blog

What we have in part one? The Alchemist

The Alchemist  part one

Hello friends. How are you doing? I pray to God for your success and your health. Today we will see the beginning of the book  “The Alchemist”. What we are doing here, we will divide this book into three parts. Your opinions and feedback are most important for us. So give your feedback at the end of the post. Show your love.


In Part one of the book The Alchemist, You will meet with a boy who is a shepherd and lives in his own world. The world of dreams and reality.The world of to do something big and to live a normal life. Like every other young boy and girl, He believes in his dreams and he fears to share them with anyone. But he wants to know things. He doesn’t like to die with the questions and then Destiny has some other plans also. But how he reacts towards upcoming different life? Who are his best friends?? Apart from his destiny What is the most important thing in his world. Any girl is there in his life or destiny is everything for him? Who will guide him? Well to get all these questions you have to read all the parts. But below we are giving you some of the key highlights of part one.

Highlights of the part one – The Alchemist

Books Books and Books: Well, in this era of social media, we see a lot of videos, motivational, inspirational stories but friends nothing can replace the books. In this part of the book, you will see how The boy treats with his books. For him, they are his lifetime companions.

Best friends

he failed to read them, or he never understands the whole meaning, he still keeps books with them. He sleeps with them, spends a lot of time with them.

Sheep, Sheep and Sheep: Boy is a shepherd. So it is natural, he has animals. But We have to tell you that the way the writer has present the shepherd and the sheep is incredible. The bonding will tell you and will teach you a lot of lessons. We can’t reveal everything here as it will be not fair with you and with the book but We want to tell you one thing, I don’t know whether shepherd in the real world has all the qualities which writer has mentioned in this book or not: but one thing is for sure, The attitude of you towards them will change definitely.

Spirituality but more real:  We are not judging spirituality. But yes even it is not a real story but from the first part of “The Alchemist” slowly but steadily at some stage, you will question yourself at least for one time. Am I reading a simple book or The Holy book? You will connect it from part one. That is the beauty of this book

Omens: It is the most important subject in this part. So our advice is just read carefully when you see a word Omen.

Spanish history and culture: No No No I am not saying writer has explained everything about Spanish culture. But if you will go deeply you will get to know the ancient lives of the Spanish Spanish people and some traditional things which are very interesting to read.

Things to learn

  1. Decision making skill
  2. Role of destiny
  3. How to follow the sources in life 
  4. Role of patience
  5. What will happen when you lose everything ??