Theories of science – I am not I Who am I part -2


Theories of Science

Hello friends and how are you doing? I hope everyone is doing good. Situations may be tough but you know what, you are tougher than situations.

Well in the previous part of this book you have read how a settled business went on a mission to seek himself. Well, today we will tell you what you are going to read in chapter four, five and six of the book I am not I Who am I.

So lets quickly check out what we have today.

Summary of chapter 4,5,6

What more could be there


Well in these chapters you will get to know about your inner identity. For eg brain. Can you tell yourself that you are a brain ?? Is the human brain is his identity ?? The writer will explain it’s biological theories and in scientifical methods. We are not the outer body but are we our inner body ?? If it’s true than what is inside us which explain to us who we are ??

Is there is something beyond our eyes which is holding us ?? If it is true than what we can say to it ?? In these three chapters, the writer has taken a hard call on our inner identity. He explained that our identity is who we are from inside. How he had explained ?? You have to read this book and find out theories behind it.

What more could be there

Well, when we talk about any self discover the topic, the presence of God should be there. We should not feel shame to say that Yes we are under God. Why people take so many other names to describe him. What we felt while reading these chapters where there is a lack of spiritual explanation.

Yes, what he explained he explained well. Hats off to the writer. We are not criticising him but something is missing. He explained the missing part but never mentioned about it.

It was masterstroke or what ?? Well, who knows but that what we feel…

Thank you and it was the review of these chapters of the book

I am not I Who am I?

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