This proverb will tell us how to forgive?


Hello friends and how are you doing? We hope everyone is doing good and well. All are enjoying Sunday well ?? Silly question probably because every day is like Sunday in these days. Well on today at Your Book Store we will see the proverb which is best for us in the forgiveness or How to forgive someone.

What they say is

If you do something wrong, do not blame yourself. Yes, forgive your self. There are a story and a question

A boy was jealous of his friend. Maybe because he wanted to be best but the other one was superior to him. One day he did something. They were working together and one day he just cut his whole contact. The other guy who was working with him had no money because everything was under his control(friendship need no contracts as they say). After some time he felt bad. But guess what?

He opened the internet, watched a video and forgive him. He thought he did not do. That was the bad side of him. But he never ever imagined what happened to the guy who suffered. That is forgiveness ??

The second type of forgiveness

Now how to forgive others. Just say some lines and then try to convince him that you now forgive him totally. You have no grudges. Nothing. But inside your heart is so much heavy. You wanna say something. But no-no-no. It will affect your spiritual face, so you will forgive him. Is this real forgiveness ??

What this proverb really tell us?

This proverb tells us about the forgotten thing and becomes wise in life. It means we have to forget that situation also if we wanna forgive. That is real forgiveness. Let’s see in the proverb

How to forgive and forget


So one should understand the importance of forgetting. If you will not forget the situation. The situation will not change even you does not matter how many times say

I forgive you

You forgive me

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