What are the basics of building your life ?

10 ways To build your own life Part – 1


Hello friends. How are you doing and what are you doing in this phase of Lockdown. Share your ideas with us. Seriously it will be helpful for everyone who will see it. Right now, we will focus on the 10 ways of building your own life. We will divide it into three parts and here we will show the first part of books briefly. The summary and some key highlights. So, lets we begin the journey with 10 ways to build your own life.

Summary :

Life is very tricky and interesting. If we will seek solutions then the process of building our life will become easier. If we will see problems then there will a lot of problems in our society. To solve any issues in our life, what we need to do? What exactly? Well, as a company we are not a very big fan of miracles and magic. So we are not giving you any secrets. The ultimate thing is skill. If you have the only one skill and you are best in there, believe it or not, you can shake this world. You can do changes. But to do anything you have to work on yourself.

So, the first three chapters in this book 10 ways to build your own life are all about. How you can sharpen your skills, how to use them for your growth. The fear factor and the impact of fear in youth. The building system of life. The preaching of wisdom is everywhere. But somehow our focus is more on criticizing others or pass comment on someone and we are forgetting to work on our self.

If 100 people are working under you that does not mean you are a leader. You have to make yourself capable of things and the worst part is these whole things depend upon yourself. You have to guide yourself on your own. Why is it worse ?? Because we feel somewhere self believe is disappearing and is the only exit on papers or on the mouths.

So if you have will do something by yourself. If self-identity is your primary goal. The learning attitude is in your roots. You want to shake the world. Read these chapters and you will go into the depth of your life.

Key highlights of these parts :

Highlight -1

Do you fear?

Everyone fear. We have so many fears in our life. One can sense it from a small little thing. A small insect sometimes gives you fear. And then there are internal fears. The fear of failure. The insecurity is the part of it. So, if you are struggling with the fear. What is the right solution according to Brister Sharma. Well, you will find in this book which can change your life. Always Said just follow one thing at a time.

Highlight -2

Key is in your hand

Every key is in your hand. When you look up to something in life especially in your failures. Why you always forget you are the primary key. You only you are a person whom God shows faith, how to use yourself for your good. What type of choices you will get, Go deeply and Seek in these chapters.

Highlight - 3

Take information from your life

You are right now doing what ?? Take a break and read these lines, you are here to find a book for yourself. Yes, we are here to give you information but think what are other principals you can add in your life? How you solved out your past problems ?? Just pick one thing. Then this book 10 ways to build your own life would be 11 ways to build your own life. This is what this book is all about.

Highlight - 4

Are you working on yourself ??

Working on your skills are as important as anything. So, just keep upgrading your self. What ?? Oh… You are thinking about what new thing we are writing in this highlight. Nothing just keep doing and you will have the answer.

Highlight - 5

Work and Work

Nothing can replace your work. The harder you go the smarter you will become. That is the philosophy.

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