What are the health secrets in Eat Green and Get lean ?

Introduction to this health book

Hello friends and how are you doing. The days are very hard I know but it was due because nobody wanted to be a good human. A person was forgetting how he was able to walk and talk. Everyone was using another person for their fleshy needs, So never ever cross your lines and please respect humans but not forcefully.

Well, Everyone wants to be vegan these days and that’s, why we choose this book, Eat green Get lean, and it is the book full of all things which you need to be a vegan. Today we will review and see what we have in the first three chapters of this health book. Here we go :

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Bye-bye to half knowledge


Well, the first three chapters are all about like the film trailer what the writer is willing to give you. The author’s health plans or attitude towards health is very simple and creative which is Eat, Enjoy, Keep Balance. Author’s main focus is on the more practical things than the theatrical wisdom which is fair, to be honest.


There are so many myths like the muscular body need a lot of meat and chicken and its hard to built body with the vegetarian food and author decline these things complete. On many pages he focused on the enjoyment rather than be over-obsessed with the diet, making your plans is good in the diet but the author’s focus is to be flexible and to be flexible

We should have the knowledge to cook so many dishes which in future you will. In these chapters, you will get some of the details or nuts of the handy grain while you will read. So, overall in the first three chapters, the author is telling you to prepare yourself to be a chef of your healthy diet.

Quit the videos and say bye-bye to the weight calculators because you will create your own diet plans in future not on papers but on the Gas. Even you can start any cooking channel on a vegan diet if you will study this book deeply and follow all the rules for at least 1-2 years.

And here you will also get clear that this book is not against non-vegetarian bodybuilders or foods but only for those who have difficulty while choosing a vegetarian food plan for their diet schedule.

Important tips

Be who you are

Next are some key highlights of these chapters :

  1. Well overall the role of diet is very important according to the author, it does not matter how much you can work out, the calories play an important role even in losing and gaining. Many say this, he has shown it practically.
  2. The author himself is a health freak and when you will read the book, the pages will show you. The knowledge which the author has given to you is extraordinary. The no. of tips are there, who knows which will change your diet career.
  3. The vegan is the trend and nothing harm in following the trend, but follow it with the knowledge that’s what you will get in this book, deep knowledge.
  4. For author even cheat day has its own importance, many people say cheat day. WHAT IS CHEAT DAY? I do not know but it is not same as far as author concern, there is a difference which you will face in these chapters.
  5. We while following any diet plan becomes so much possessive and so much serious, towards any goal in life, to be honest, we approach like this attitude “You are everything” kind of attitude. We are not against it and not a writer but but
  6. Health is a part of life, Not whole life so do not make yourself possessive and enjoy also alongside with some strictness.

Friends this book will be your health changer for sure, our team personally is reading this book and the next three chapters will be published when we will complete our chapters. So, do not think we are just pasting.

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