What is power of right believing? The journey begins

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Power of Right Believing – Part One (1-7)

Introduction :

Hello friends, how are you? I hope everyone is safe and fit. Enjoying every part of our life is very important. whether it’s challenging one or blessed one. From today to next three days we are seeing what we have in the book “The Power of Right Believing”. It has 21 chapters. And Joseph prince has divided them into 7 parts. So, we will try to summarize these chapters in three parts. Today we are going to start our first part. So without any delay.let, this holy thing begins:

Thank you God

Summary: Chapter 1-7

Firstly, you have to read our previous post where we have mentioned some things which are necessary before we will read this book. Well from the beginning The Author Pastor Joseph Prince has shown you his journey towards God. This is a very beautiful story to read really. He has explained everything very genuine and in a very real way.

When you will start reading, you will meet with so many things which will for you are familiar. For example, believe… What is believe? We have seen so many videos, so many articles are there in the market. But what is real believe? He has explained it in a very simple manner. In these chapters, you will be on the journey which will make you wise from inside and outside.

There will be moments when the self-doubts will create, your own Ego will say you what are you reading but do not stop and continue it. The Love of God towards us is well explained by the author.

The best part is you will go step by step like how to believe.. how God sees you, is God really loves you, how God loves you, and The best one is Forgiveness. The thing which we are lacking a lot these days.

Overall the first seven chapters are the basis of believing, The right direction which we always seek, the real path of holiness without letting down your family and your expectations. All you will find here.

Key Highlights of part one

Right Believing to Right Living: In life, we often live how we believe, Yes its true, but on which things we should believe well you will find in these chapters.

Relationship with God: We cares about so many relations in our life, have you ever think How your relationship with God is? How it should be? After completing this particular teaching in this part, the relationship will take a new form. New seed will be in your heart for sure

The root of forgiveness: We are hearing from our childhood, forgive them. Forgive who hurt you, betray you but none they gave us the right reason. Even we have reasons but the roots are missing. The one reason you will get in chapter seven will delete this confusion in forgiveness.

Real Testimonies: joseph prince has given so many live examples in this book. They are not fake and you can contact them. You may think about why we are saying this ?? Because the miracles when you will read this book will give you shock and will raise these things in your mind.

We are lucky? : Yes, we are lucky no we are not lucky. That person has luck. I have no luck. These types of things run in everyone’s mind. Joseph Prince has explained this luck chapter but The term luck has been transformed into the……. Oops! We can’t, Sorry you have to grab the book and read by yourself.

Help me in Believe , Help me in wisdom


Exercise for you

What is faith?

Self-love or God love?

Which is your favourite spiritual book?

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