What is the Love of God for you ?

The Power of Right Believing part 3 (chapters 14-21 )


Hello friends. How are you? I hope your spirit is at rest and The rest spirit of yours resting your body too. Making you calm from inside. Aggression is good but on the field not off the field. People respect good human beings and like rich persons. It’s up to you what you want in life? The choice will be always yours. God will never force you. Because the love of God is not selfish. We are in the last chapters of this book. What we have today and what new revelations we will get. Let’s check it out :

Summary: Love of God

The last chapters are all about the challenging times and how to overcome these challenges. It will tell us who will be our best hope at that time. In life sometimes we feel helpless. Admit it, with all due respect to all the persons whether they are billionaires of the persons who are going to be. All persons face these types of situations. But joseph prince has explained it very deeply about those problems and the simplest solutions.

Here you will get rid of the fact that if we ask anything for ourselves and will not ask for others. If we do not pray for others that is unhuman. God will punish you. He has explained the importance of the prayers and just talking with God. Honestly, the simplest forms of prayers you will get here.

Asking things from him is not bad. Unless you are asking or demanding something which is not good for you. Yeah yeah, again you may think you know what is right and wrong for you, absolutely correct. But don’t you think ever that you know it better than him.

The most important part which we love in these chapters is the relationship

God vs challenges or Your challenges and Gods love for you. It is explained in such a manner that nobody can imagine. Praise the Lord. Seriously, if you will understand this term, the future life of your will be different from how you are living today? Well, ask yourself how you are living today? Good question. Isn’t it ?? The real satisfaction comes to us through materialistic things in life. Why? And this is temporary. So what is permanent. You will get here.

Overall its a journey of Your struggle which will end in God’s hug. In his hand. That’s what Joseph prince has explained in these chapters. To receive and read.

A key highlight of the power of right believing part-3

Highlight - 1

Your challenges are not yours








The challenges you see in your life. From where it comes? Is it not important to know. We blame our God a lot for it. We think everything comes from him. But mate we are wrong somewhere. Read in these chapters and you will reach the point.

Highlight - 2

Everything is not necessary

We think we need to learn the whole thing, the whole universe. We want to be a writer, the digital person then we want to sing and then we want to dance. Oh, forgive me I skip acting. And then we will start asking praying Please God give me all. Hang on mates, you will get or not that is another side of the story. What you will do with all the things. What is this hunger all about and for which thing ?? In the end, nothing will last forever.

Highlight - 3

David the miss understood hero

Why I am using the word miss understood ?? Because we think his stories are only for religious persons who follow Christianity. Well, this is not right. He was generous. He can solve so many life problems. Especially his teachings and songs. That is what joseph prince explained here.

Highlight 4

Do not get afraid of anything

Be still, be strong, back yourself and keep moving on. Does not matter who is with you in this world. Many will come and go, but he will remain there always for you.

Highlight 5

Jump buddy Jump








When you know nothing can harm you then you can easily jump from every obstacle. Just keep faith in the love of God.

Exercise for you
What is or was the most difficult challenge you faced or facing ??
Is God love you? And How you know it?


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