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What you have say Thank You !


Hello mates and how are you doing. Welcome you to the yet another day of the proverb. Proverbs best beauty is that they will explain 5000 things in 5 words sometimes. Really, and you can’t deny it. They never assume and only gives you fact and reasons to believe. But sometimes you says it is not enough, I need more.


our today proverb is on same thing. Assume a person is writing for a website. He need a laptop but he has money. So what choices he has ??

There are two – one is that he can criticize everyday. Blame god for this life and of course parents. Live life in a style but always criticize.

And other is work for what he need and be thankful for what he has ? But most of the times we choose option why ?? Because we says everyone do it. 80% or 90% . So is it necessary to count yourself in these 80% or 90% ??

No. not at all. Well our today proverb is on same damn thing . The proverb is

Proverb is uploading
Say thanks to God what you have . Be Gracious.


Same what we were discussing above. Be gracious. Say thanks for every single breath. This life is precious. Some says Our body is corrupted and we have to forget it . How ?? Why ??

First of all who decides that they are teacher ?? Here, I guess degree and certificates matter. There should be test for preaching or influencing. They are saying anything. Yes we are in a democratic but what it means ?? It mean you will say anything infront of your followers ??

Everything we have is gift from God. So instead of screaming and craving for things we should say thanks. Yes work for your damn future but but but. Never complains. Never ever my mates.


Creator loves you, he is always there for you but you wanna seek something else. That is your fault not his.

Thank you and have a nice day.


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