Which is best proverb for balance in life ??

Balance in life :

Hello friends and how are you doing ?? We hope everything is going well. Please take care of your health because

Health is wealth, my friend.

Today we have a proverb which is very much useful in this era of resources and too many options. We live in an era where we want to do everything. We mostly got confused about the decision whether this or that. A or B. Right or Wrong. It is so often and normal in our life.

Why is it so?

We want to be perfect and from childhood, everyone teaches us to do one thing at a time, which is good. But it does not mean in the whole day we have to do one thing.

If someone is aggressive then he has to be aggressive, if someone is calm he has to live the same life. There is a thing that if someone wants to be neutral people takes him in a different way. Like they are not real. We believe in this or that.we believes in the one-sided approach

Is this rule apply everywhere ??

Well, our answer is no. As a leader how can be you aggressive all the time ?? How ?? How can you be calm all the time ?? As a father how can you be rude and how can be you so soft ?? How ??

Are you getting it ??

Balance is key in this life

If you will not keep balance in life will suck and your plans will never work. In personal or in professional.life. you will not see the larger picture in life. That is why the proverb says.

Proverb is loading

Something is good while readymade and something is good to make.

Yeah! So keep balance in life. Do not see what your friend opinion is, Naah, never. Just go after your analysis and try to see both sides. Then make a single opinion if you can and if there is no need then okay.

It is not necessary always to say Right or Wrong. Same goes with life

Have fun and have hard work, have a gym and have a cheat day, see comedy and patriotic. Life is easy my mates only we complicate it.

Thank you and have a great time


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