Which is one of the best proverb for this era ?

The best proverb for this era is

Proverb of the day

Facts speak louder than words

Meaning of era

In this era the words have so much importance, we are not saying they do not have in past but the importance of words is now everywhere. Speakers, content writers, influencers etc are the one who is earning in digital marketing and even on other platforms as well.

But there is an opposite side of this thing also because we are so much aggressive and we are living in expressive words of commitments the people often speak first then do their work. We are not going after that, it is wrong or right but

If you speak anything than there will be a chance that you have to do it, in the middle if you will feel like you can not do it this thing is not important to you than you can not deny because you have to do it. Why?

Because if you will not then your goodwill will be in doubt. So you will add extra pressure on yourself. So, why ?? Why say?

And your work is important than yourself, In this era of self-promotion and the celebrity or name and fame people may ignore their skills and just think to hit the world even though their shortcuts.

But brother how much time it will work? When you will leave this world the society will forget you in three to four days and then will only talk about you on moments.

So reply them through work, not through your words, it is hard to handle we can understand. But the impact of your work will be here forever.

People may forget you but will not forget your impact of yours in this world. So again we are saying

Proverb of the day

Facts speak louder than words

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