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Eat Green and Get Lean part – 2 (diet plans)


Hello friends and how are you doing. Today we will see chapter four five and six of the book Eat Green and Get Lean. From here the cooking classes for your health has been started, So without wasting any time, Let’s go into the book and see what diet plans are there?

Food Food Food! But Healthy Food


Well, as he mentioned in the first three chapters the diet plans are key in any bodybuilding, muscle-building program, fat loose program. In these chapters, you will get no. of recipes with some guidance. Really guys in any workout plan or health plan cooking are the key. If you can cook well, you can save money and sometimes also.

Diet matters

Health matters

You will basically find some healthy diet plans and entrees in these chapters. Have you ever heard

Breakfast like a king, Lunch like a lesser and Dinner like a beggar. But we often get confused for so many times and the hardest thing which we miss is varieties but not any more, The writer has given each and every item and you know what is the best part?

Your health plan will never get disturbed. So guys if you have any problem regarding the breakfast and entree please grab this book and these chapters will help you a lot.

And Now let’s move on to our next segment which is


The key highlights of the Eat Green and Get Lean part – 2

Choose wisely

Choose wisely

Chapters 4,5,6 :

  • The best part is the entrees. I mean we have seen so many videos or health but no one really has mentioned entrees(meal before the main course) like the way he has done here. Well, these small foods play a major role because these foods keep your body need full. There are so many items in this book in the entrees and you are going to love it for sure, So grab and read.
  • We know breakfast is important and sometimes it can be your target to get up early and eat the best breakfast. You know many persons do this,
  • They say to themselves like I have to get up early and burn my calories and then I will have my best meal of the day. The breakfast is key and you will be glad to know that there is so much variety of breakfast here.
  • The cooking recipes are very simple and easy to cook, So We do not know about everything but for some reasons healthy eaters are a part-time chef in their family or the family treats them tasteless curry, but here you can impress your family and friends by cooking such delicious things which are healthy too.
  • Well, the myth is cut off by the writer and he explained how by the eggless breakfast, you can get muscles. Many think if you are vegan you will not have hard muscles, not true.
  • Last but most important thing is just guys choose wisely like we said before many times do not go for all-out attack and keep patience. Bodybuilding is not miracles, So have a chill and just do it like a smoothy desert.

Thank you and have a nice time to all of you, Please eat healthily follow diet plans and do exercise.


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