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Hello friends and how are you doing? I pray for your health and wealth. Welcome you all on our website and you are reading the best proverbs category. Today we will see how you can’t force someone even your intention is good or bad. Let us find out Why?

A small story

There was a period in Indian Cricket history when experiments were going on. The period was from 1996-1999 and Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar was the captain of the Indian cricket team. He was a good captain and to be honest he tried his best for the India win. But India lost more than a win on those days.

Sachin searched so many talents all over the country. The selectors were with him and although people were saying that he is choosing only Mumbai cricketers. Sachin gave everything, he guided. He gave opportunity but players never responded well. Everyone was saying Sachin is not a great captain but It was not just Sachin’s fault

What Sachin could do? He was giving opportunities but they were not grabbing. Slowly this thing became a major concern and his batting was also got affected by this thing. He was thinking so much. But he could not force them, So he left the captaincy. Same goes with life.

People may help you, guide you but you have to implement and do your best. So, here comes

Today’s proverb.

Implement by yourself

You will see omens but you have to follow them

Meaning :

The proverb is so productive and the reason is very simple. In life, God will give us Omens. He will guide us and tell us from inside.

My son this is wrong, may cause you a big problem or this is good for you, Go for it. But rest is your role.

We often complaints nobody helps us, but I think we expect too much and that so harsh by us. After all

You have to read from your book on your own,
You have to eat on your own,
You have to work for your business on your own

No one will come, No one has ever come yet, No one came before.

Thank you and Keep Smiling.

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