Which proverb shows us our role on this planet ?

Proverb on our character



and how are you doing? We hope everyone is doing good in their life. Well, today’s proverb is in life. Life is very interesting if we will try to understand it. These days we complicate it so much. But it is not very much complicated.

So today proverb is

on the role of your this planet.

Many say Food, cloth and Shelter these are the main requirements of a person. Agree. Spot on. But it doesn’t mean only for these things we are here. These are our needs but our goals, long term goals can’t be our needs.

Yes, this is fuel for us as money. But earning money is can’t be your goal as well. In the movie, every role is different and so is in life. So, how people can say We are satisfied because we have today’s meal.

Then we say oh God he has Ferrari why ?? Because he is lucky. No, he identifies his role his destiny and somehow he is trying to complete it. We all have Omens. But we all always ignore them.

Or we don’t have enough support and in the fear of losing, in the fear of tough life, we ignore. The hard battles need one thing, the courage, courage to live out of comfort zone. And yes it is a tough thing but it is not impossible. Nothing is easy in life and nothing is impossible.

So my dear friends first read this proverb

Proverb is loading

Grab your destiny with your creator mate

So you have been sent here for some purpose. Yes, What is your purpose ??

Who are you? Why you are here? What is one thing you are master in? Which thing makes you happy when you do it?

Have you ever asked these questions to yourself? If not then ask .please ask

That is it for today. Find yourself and seek yourself, inside you not outside.

Thank you for reading.

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