Who is wise ?


Hello friends and how are you doing ?? We pray to god for your health and for your wealth. God bless you and cover your protect you. Today yet again we are back with a new proverb. Who is wise?

As the title has told you already the proverb is all about the one of the major feature of the wise people. With easily you can guess that person’s wiseness is at which level. Are you wanna know ?? Here you go then

A Cold hand and a warm heat

Meaning of Wise

The meaning of this proverb is so deep. Let us take an example.

There is a person who is so much intelligent. He from the starting want to do everything. Grabbing ideas from others is his favourite thing. Right now if that kind of person is reading this blog, he may think this is about him. But here he is wrong. He may have everything but if he will use tricks instead of os trade. He has already lost the battle.

That is what our proverb is saying to us, being practical is a good thing. But if you have not a good heart. You are always doing things in the wrong way. You will rise for sometimes. Chances are minor.

Good heart means what ??

It’s not about helping others, join NGO but the first thing is all about you. You have to be honest with you. Loyal with you. Everyone in this era is working smart and hard. All have money or will have one. No one is less famous. So what people need ??

A millionaire or billionaire.

Millions of dollar can’t create a good human, but a Good human can create millions of dollars.

So one should have a good heart and practical nature. No one can be perfect but we can try. That’s what is in our hands.

Thank you for reading.

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