Why more than enough is not good ?

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Hello friends and welcome you all on our website. Today we will see how more than enough is bad, really very bad. Does not matter what you have it you have more than enough so it will be harmful to us. It will become harmful one day. So firstly let us understand this through a proverb :

Drift is as bad as unthrift

More than enough is bad whether it is our savings or it’s expenditures

Once there was a boy lived in a small village. The village was small and a peaceful breeze was always there. Peace was something on which village people and king always focused on. But boy was the opposite. He was very aggressive and the family of the boy were worried about this thing. So they send a boy to an Ashram.

For the fifteen years, the boy lived in an ashram and now he was a different person altogether and when he came back home. Everyone was happy. One day village was attacked by robbers and everyone was together for a fight but boy pay no attention. Anyway, robbers ran away thanks to the village’s people unity but now the family was again in trouble.

A wise person in the village came one day in the house and the father discussed all thing to him. He called the boy and said sit down. The person said to father we need some quality time alone. He listened to all the thing what boy had in the heart then gently he asked,

A person rides a bicycle well in my village and he wins all the competition How?

The boy replied – because of his hard work.

Person asked – yes, where he works a lot on which thing?

The boy replied – on the whole thing! The process may be.

The person explained yes my son but the most important thing in the two-wheelers is balance. If you will have more than enough peace than it will be a problem and if you will have no peace than it will be a huge problem. So work on your balance because as they say

Drift is as bad as unthrift.

That was it from us for today, I hope you will enjoy every moment in your life and live your life in a balance. Have a nice time dears.


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